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Individual     27.50     25.00   300.00
Senior 60+     22.50     20.00   240.00
(2 adults & 2 youth under 18yrs)
    52.50     50.00   600.00
Student 6th form+
(ID may be required)
    20.00     20.00   240.00
Junior Trainer 1st – 5th form

    15.00     15.00   180.00   
  • Daily Member:  £5 per session
  • Daily Student: £4 per session
  • Daily Junior Trainer  £3 per session

Your membership includes:


Getting to know the equipment before committing to a personal programme

Personal exercise programmes

Personal programme tailored to suit your needs.

Free classes

Yoga, Pilates, Kettle Bells,  Bootcamp +, Swiss Ball/TRX ,BLT, Stretch & Tone,Conditioning,Core strength, Body Tone

Annual Gift vouchers are available 









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