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Class descriptions

Body–Mind YOGA:  A purely physical Yoga class. The instructors will take everyone through a range of exercises to develop your flexibility, balance, co–ordination, strength & control. Definitely not to be missed.

Pilates: Developing the bodies core, flexibility, posture and muscular strength. This very popular floor based class runs 3 times every week.

BLT: A mix of bodyweight and resistance band exercises aimed at targeting the core muscles, glutes, hips and legs.

Kettle bells: This class can be used for several different training objectives: weight loss, strength and shaping up. It is an all over body workout that will ensure you melt that unwanted body fat and leave you feeling energised. So come along and burn heaps of calories, develop explosive strength and speed; work muscles you never knew existed and increase your hand eye co–ordination.

Boot camp+: Is back–to–basics fitness, a workout experience and a far cry from a casual gym routine. Bootcamp is about fast effective exercise, so you can burn the maximum amount of fat, in a short but intense period of time, while gaining lean muscle. We use a combination of bodyweight exercise and barbells.                                                                      *** NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED*** 

Functional FIT: Targets muscles used in everday life, strengthening movements such as carrying, pushing, pulling, holding and jumping. A great way to challenge mobility mixed with strength.

Stretch: 30 minute lunchtime stretching aimed at the major muscle groups. Great if you spend your days sitting at a desk or have a tight back.

Move: This class will challenge you to return to the basics of human movement. Working through ankle, hip and shoulder mobility. Using ‘child like’ body weight movements to correct bad habits and restrictions.

Circuits: Perfect for new members starting their fitness journey. Participant will be taken through a selection of exercises to target the whole body in a systematic way.

Conditioning: This is a class that will get you a quick bang for your buck. This quick fire 30 minute class will make sure you get in, get your work done and get out gain.



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