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Friends Forever

Friends Forever is a really exciting project which brings together young people from across Belfast, from different schools, religions and backgrounds.

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The programme combines a two week visit to America and weekly meetings in our centre. It is a unique chance for young people to get to know others from differing backgrounds in a safe and fun space.

When in America, the group are given the opportunity to interact with American teenagers and community members, to learn from the lifestyle and culture of the States and to reflect on their own community backgrounds in Northern Ireland. We attend meetings of local community groups, school groups and church groups. For the participants, one of the biggest learning components is that we all live under one roof with one another for the duration of the two weeks– shopping, preparing food, eating and cleaning together!

When we return from the International part of our programme, we have weekly sessions and the group are encouraged to reflect upon their experiences– both in America and at home.  

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Application are NOW OPEN for our 2017 Friends Forever programme, Click the link below to complete an online application.

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CLICK HERE to download PDF Application


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