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Youth in Government

Youth in Government is a political education / citizenship programme aimed at 16–17 year olds.

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What is Youth in Government?

Youth in Government is our flagship politics project for 16 and 17 year olds. This exciting course offers participants the chance to work closely with others from diverse backgrounds, to learn about interesting issues, to meet with politicians, and to travel to the Stormont Assembly, Leinster House in Dublin and the Houses of Parliament in Westminster.

The group meets weekly on Wednesday nights at Belfast YMCA. Each week the participants will explore an issue relating to local, national and global politics. These issues include justice, conflict, campaigning & lobbying, and victims issues.

If you are interested in getting involved, you can apply online below.

The deadline for applications is 5:00pm on Thursday 28th September. Participants are asked to contribute a minimum of £200 towards the cost of the programme. A bursary scheme is available for those unable to cover this cost.


What’s it like?

“The programme was a fantastic experience and gave me the chance take part in activities that I otherwise would never have the chance to do. It provided me with the opportunity expand my skills and I also made some great friends. Through it I have been able to travel and do things I have always wanted to do, such as visit the House of Lords in London and Leinster House in Dublin.

Although I was unsure and nervous at first, I felt confident that the Belfast YMCA would offer me the support I needed. I am more confident in groups and feel more comfortable offering my opinion on different issues. I really enjoy the time I spend at Belfast YMCA. We work in a relaxing yet engaging environment and when working in groups we are always given the opportunity to provide our input.”

             (Participant on the 2014–15 Youth in Government programme)


Applications for this year’s Youth in Government are now closed. 

The deadline for applications was 28th September 2017. We will be opening applications for the 2018–19 programme in Spring 2018. If you would like to discuss this programme, please get in touch with Peter at 028 9068 4665



This programme currently receives support from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade – Reconciliation Fund.


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